Premium Pool Table Covers

Covers protect your felt from fading, from damage due to foreign objects being placed on the table, and keeps your felt clean.  Covers are made in two styles "Antique" and "Modern". 
Modern Style means the pockets are enclosed in the rail. Antique Style means the table has leather pockets that hang on outside of table. Shown below are both styles of tables.





To ensure the best fit please provide both inside and outside dimensions for your table and the style of table. We can answer any questions you have.

If you are not sure of the size of the table, you can measure the distance between any to adjacent diamonds on any one of the rails. As the size of the table increases, the distance between the diamonds increase. The pull down menu will give you the size of the table and the distance between diamonds
Outside Measurments:
Style & Color:
Classic Collection
Brown Nutmeg Black Wine Forest Grey
Pewter Saddle Red Oyster Clear Midnight

Majestic Series
Outback Sage Stone Onyx Emerald Sandstone
Granite Merlot Cinnamon

Micro Suede Collection
Camel Olive Cranberry Mahogany Raven Black


The Convertible $225.00

The Convertible pool table conversion top is a vinyl clad foam insert which fits inside the cushions of a pool table, and combined with a vinyl cover, the pool table becomes a buffet table.

The insert folds up like a map to store under the table or in a closet. The option now expands the use of a pool table. Sizes available for all size pool tables.
Inside Rail Measurments: