Billiard Ball Cleaning Products

Ballstar Ball Polisher $699.00
Cleans 8 balls at a time and comes with 1 liter of ball polish and 2 additional cleaning pads.
Three cleaning settings. Cleans a set of balls in two minutes.
Cleans and polishes faster than any other machine on the market.
Light weight and easy to use.
Simple on off switch and dial settings.
Heavy-duty construction with a very durable and powerful motor.
Shipping weight 32 lbs.
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Ballstar Liquid 2 Liter Bottle $29.95
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Ballstar Replacement Pads $27.95
Pack of 3
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Aramith Power Pool Ball Cleaner Price $80.00

Power ball cleaner was designed specifically for the residential patrons, the Aramith Power Ball Cleaner is built to optimally clean and polish the suface of our phenolic resin billiard balls
Engineered by the SALUC team in Belgium, the Power Ball Cleaner will effectively polish and clean your entire ball set, including the cue ball, when used in conjunction with our Aramith Ball Cleaner. The large cleaning contact surfaces and circular motion create an ideal polishing effect for removing chalk marks, spots, stains or sticky residues.
The Power ball cleaner, cleans one ball at a time. When you consider the ball that gets dirty the fastest is the cue ball. Now you can clean and polish the cue ball before each session and clean the other balls on an as needed basis. All the games play better when the balls are clean and you get less clusters because they don't tend to kling together.
Electrical rating 120 volts, 60 Hz, 20 watts
Cleaning capacity is 1 ball per session
Suitable for standard 2.25 inch pool balls
To be used with Aramith ball cleaning liquid
Intended for residential use only
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Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner $9.99
Keep your billiard balls looking like new with Aramith's specially formulated cleaning agent. Regular use of Aramith billiard ball cleaner will keep your phenol ic balls polished and lustrous for years to come. 8.4 fl. oz