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Wine Tasting Kit
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Sniffing the secrets of wines is fast and fun with the Bacchanales Tasting Kit. Simple and educational, Bacchanales is a unique game that is the single most instructive resource fort the beginner and a handy reference for the expert. Answering the question "Which wine am I tasting?" requires a visual, gustatory, and olfactory examination. Each stage is clearly illustrated in the guides provided. BACCHANALES is an ideal adult's gift for hosts, Christmas, birthdays, fathers' and mothers' days, Valentines, anniversaries and weddings.
Contents of the box
  • 40 wine aromas
  • 50 wine tasting cards
  • 4 flavors used to compare gustatory characteristics
  • 1 dosing spoon
  • 1 wine tasting glass
  • 2 wine tasting guides
  • 1 set of rules
3 to 7 players, 21 years and older
Wine not included
Bacchanales is a wine tasting method presented as a game. The object is to try to discover the Vintage, the Grape Varietal, the Region, the Appellation and the various specific qualities inherent in a wine by answering the true enigma: Which wine am I tasting?
Bacchanales was created to provide participants with the basic elements and knowledge required to accurately analyze wines through a non-intimidating method. It is a reference guide and game that can be used by wine lovers of all levels. Above all Bacchanales is fun and convivial learning tool. It is simple to use and will provide hours of entertainment with friends who share a common passion - wine.
Wine-making and tasting are both an art and a science. To become an expert in these areas, one must spend years studying and experiencing different wines. However, few of us know how to enjoy and discover the inherent qualities in wine. Bacchanales aims at providing participants with the basic elements required to better enjoy, taste and select wines. In just one round, players are on the road to becoming true connoisseurs.
Many wines are made thorough out the world, and it would be impossible to provide accurate data on each and every one. Bacchanales was develop for the majority of wines made in and or imported into the United States. Should you be tasting a wine from another country, not detailed in Bacchanales, you may not be able to answer every question. With practice however you will soon be able to challenge your wine-tasting abilities with wines from around the world.
Typical wine tasting notes sound like this.
Intense, concentrated nose of leather, ink, graphite and stewed mulberries - layered and complex.
Medium bodied and elegant, with concentrated, sweet blackcurrant / forest fruit flavors, delicious, slightly sour acidity, and a herbal, savory tang. Very fine tannins on a long, well balanced finish with a faint tang of well-integrated charred oak. Very fine, layered and complex
What is the aroma of Leather, Black currants, what are tannins? Unless you are a Chef or the House wife that loves to cook, you probably don't know very many of the aromas and tastes. Bacchanales provides a way for you to memorize the common aromas used to describe wines in a wine tasting.
In order to best appreciate the characteristics of wine and to express this in appropriate fashion, one must master basic olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste) facts an vocabulary. It is important to note that the aromas in the scent tins are aromas found in red and white wines. They have been associated to better-know aromas so that they may be recognized more easily. While <<apple>> for an example may not actually smell like an apple, it is the best comparison available for the aroma found in some wines.
The essences found in Bacchanales have been carefully selected by a perfume expert for their likenesses to the scents found in wine and Champagne. However as with colors, scents have nuances. One must therefore extrapolate one olfactory reference from another. 
Olfactory Markers
In order to better memorize aromas one must categorize them in their respective families. The aromas found in Bacchanales are:
  • Floral aromas: honeysuckle, rose, Violet
  • Fruity aromas: grapefruit, banana, blackcurrant, apricot, peach, litchi, raspberry, fig, lemon, apple, quince, strawberry, prune.
  • Animal aromas: Amber, cat wee-wee, leather
  • Plant Aromas: Pine, truffle, hay, tobacco, mushroom
  • Deep acrid notes: Butter like, Hazelnut, honey, caramel, tea, chocolate.
  • Aromatic Notes: Pepper, licorice, cinnamon, vanilla.
  • Chemical Odors: Fruit drop
  • Wine Flaws: Detergent, cork, mould, green bell pepper, sulfur ( which is manifested more as an sensation than an odor per se).
Gustatory Markers
A wine is considered balanced when none of its flavors or sensations are excessive.  The three criteria for a well balanced wine are : acidity, softness ( or roundness ) and alcohol. A red wine is characterized by four criteria: acidity, softness, alcohol an astringency.
Testaroma Glass
The Testaroma glass is a glass which was specially designed to help release the aroma from the wine. It is not recommended that you drink out of the Testaroma if more than one person will be using it at one time. Everyone may use the Testaroma if it is correctly used for smelling only.
Wine Tasting Guide Covers
Visual Examination, Olfactory Examination, Tasting Method, Tasting Examination, Conclusions, Wine Lexicon and Vinifications.